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The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details


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Torque Turns

Torque Turns


Might seem from the "School of the Farcically Obvious" but it may save someone a whole load of grief (and perhaps some sporran pain) when working on your aircraft.


It's the matter of applying torque – or more correctly, the application of the right amount of torque.

In a previous life, I have been accustomed to using calibrated torque wrench's (and "Akratork" gauges to accurately check them against) on aircraft. These days I, like probably many/most others, use torque wrenches and assume that the dial settings are reasonably accurate. Some appear not to be......

A day at the races....



SAC Chairman Dave McElroy participated in his first air racing weekend August 17/18 at Shobdon, England, placing 4th in the prestigious Kings Cup Race. The event was just one of seven exciting weekends staged by the Royal Aero Club Records Racing and Rally Association. The 2013 RAeC RRR racing calendar includes racing weekends flown at Shobdon and six other airports spread across England, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. 

A Nip around Scotland

On Sunday 26th June 2005 Keith Boardman and Peter Bevan, from the Scottish Aero Club at Perth, established what they believe to be a unique record. They flew over and photographed all of the malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, from the air, between dawn and dusk. They put the photos together in a website which can be accessed by clicking on the following link.




Iberian Chronicles 2012

Article Images: iberian1.jpgThree aircraft and 5 souls are now in flight as they circumnavigate the Iberian Peninsula in a major Scottish Aero Club fly-out.  My co-pilot in G-HACE is Ian Meikle from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  John Wheeler’s co-pilot is Ian Lawrence in another RV6A, G-RVEE.  Donald Smith is flying solo in his MCR1, G-CGCN.  We left Saturday May 26th with the intention of arriving back into Perth on Sunday June 10th


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Also available in Red.. FOC visit SAC

Ferrari Owners Club (Scotland) visit to the Scottish Aero Club: July 2012








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Oshkosh 2012

Article Images: osh12_1.jpg

We flew out from Aberdeen on the Sunday 21st July via Heathrow to Chicago connecting with Roger Hopkinson at Heathrow. After a 8hr 40min flight we collected our hire car and headed to the house John had organised for us 3 mile from the airport. After just short of a 3 hour drive we were in the house and settling in before heading our for a meal.


The following day was forcast to be hot, and indeed it was, 95F with a heat index of 105F. 

SAC hosts NASA Astronaut Alvin Drew

Article Images: nasa1.jpgScottish Aero Club hosts NASA Astronaut Alvin Drew – 6 July, 2012  

-          by Dave McElroy

Colonel Alvin Drew mesmerized about 75 members of the Scottish Aero Club on Friday evening when he presented an informative and entertaining description of the last flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery. 


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Longest day flight 2012

Article Images: first_light.jpegI am convinced for the last few years I have suffered from what psychologist now call “SAD” (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or - for the more poetic amongst us – “winter blues”. The few short hours lingering between dawn and dusk during our winter, encourage in me, little in the way of action or deed. Hooray then for the Scottish Summer! Never mind the sunshine? what about the day length! There are nearly twenty hours of flying light in the middle of June, starting at 3:50 all the way through till 23:30. A day-length to be celebrated and savoured! Why not? The Druids did! Perhaps their unsophisticated approach was slightly less interesting than dancing naked around wicker men but the celebration was there. At the Scottish Aeroclub we neither danced naked or donned sheets and willow leaves.

Harley Davidson 2012 "Ride out"

Over the years “bikers” (motor cyclists) have developed a formidable reputation. Looking at them you’d not be surprised to learn its one they are reluctant to let go. Studded jackets; skin-tight ribbed leather; boots; shades; all combine to create as menacing a profile as the fertile imagination of writers like Asimov could muster.





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The Tale of an Epic Nordic Adventure


Article Images: picture_clipping_2.jpgOn June 25, two aircraft from the Scottish Aeroclub flew out of Perth with North Cape, Norway, the unlikely destination. David McElroy, accompanied by this passenger, a boyhood friend from British Columbia, and Donald Smith departed from Perth on June 25th at 13:11.


Written by Don Rivers


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Wings & Wheels at Scone


Article Images: legs4.jpgSunday 2nd October saw the Scottish Aero Club host the monthy Breakfast Meet of LEGS, the Lotus Enthusiasts Group, Scotland.






by Jim Crosby (photograph by Emma Hibbert)


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Flying helicopters in Spain

Article Images: i_phone_fots_113.jpg

SAC helicopter pilot tells of his holiday adventures 


Before we went on holiday, myself and Donald Maclean (FI with Kingsfield Helicopters) made contact with Sloane Helicopters in Mallorca to arrange for self fly-hire on Friday 19th July. Costs around the same as UK prices.


Written and submitted by Stuart Neill




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Leuchars 2011

Article Images: hc-typhoon-weather-cpl-heid.jpgThe story of an extraordinary weekend at Scotland's major aviation event.






by Sophie Houston.


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LAA Rally at Sywell

Article Images: keiths_aircraft.jpg

2nd/4th Sept 2011

The weather did not look promising for this year’s LAA Rally. I took Duncan Robertson, an East of Scotland Strut member and legendry bat waver, down to the event on Friday morning in the Europa (G-GZTED). 




 by Justin Kennedy


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A Dawn Patrol

Article Images: flexies_on_grnd.jpgOn Monday the 20th June, a small contingent of the SAC Flying Vermin Squadron (aka the microlight section!) decided that it would be an adventure to make use of the (almost) longest day of the year.






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