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Errol Fly Past 2016

Errol Fly Past 2016

On the 9th of May 10 aircraft from the club took part in an informal fly past at Errol airfield to honour the Russian airmen that trained there during the war. 



This was the anniversary of V day in Russia WW2, and was commemorated with wreath laying at the Russian Monument at the top of the North South Runway near the white entrance gates. The event was attended by the consul and vice Consul from Edinburgh, the Perth & KInross  Provost, along with the Perth Friends of Pskov in Russia. 


Since the Memorial was been erected last year, the whole story has been attracting a lot of interest in Russia. and it is now on the List of Monuments of commemoration to those who fought in the WW2,


During the past 12 months there has bee researched the Loss of one Albemarle which crashed at Fearnan, beside Loch Tay killing the Russian crew, including the reason for the crash, and this will be in a book being Published in Russia, by the Granddaughter of the senior Pilot, who was in charge of the men who trained at Errol. an English version will also be produced.


The whole Story has been recognized by the highest Level in Russian  Government.


Following the event we recieved a letter from Anna Belorusova who's grandfather was one of the airmen.



Dear Pilots! 


On behalf of my family and many people in Russia I would like to express our enormous gratitude for making 9th May Errol Ceremony so special.  


At Vnukovo, where major Victory Day celebrations were taking place at the Memorial to the Fallen Airmen, everybody was aware that at 3.10 pm Moscow time the Air Parade starts in Errol.  At that particular moment veteran pilots (a dozen of WWII and post-war) got together at the Vnukovo restaurant and at 3.10 pm were toasting Scotland and your health (see photos attached). I personally was sitting on the steps of a beautiful church in St Petersburg looking in the cloudless skies and thinking of what was happening in the skies of Perthshire.


What you've done was the best possible tribute to my grandfather and his friends. So very special and genuine. 



I thought the following might be of interest to you: 


Here is the iconic Soviet film called 'Courage' 



It was filmed in summer 1939, just before the WWII for Britain began and yet two years before it started for the Soviet Union.  The plot is simple, about a brave pilot and a nasty spy who is trying to hijack his light aircraft in order to fly across the Soviet border to Afghanistan. The brave pilot who is not armed, manages to defeat him with brilliant aerobatics above the peaks of the Caucasus and in the end delivers semi-unconscious villain to the Soviet aerodrome. That was just a pretext to show the skills of the pilots on the big screen to the Soviet people in the epoch when aviation had become the national passion. 


All the flying scenes about the peaks of the mountains were shot live. My grandfather was flying with a fixed camera parallel to the 'acting' aircraft.  You could skip the boring talking part and go straight to the flying scenes. Hope you will enjoy them. In the war, as you know, my grandfather and his fellow airmen were flying heavy DC-3s, which were maneuverable in their skillful hands. 



Again, big thank you for this great Air Parade and I hope it will take place the next year and the year after and I will have a privilege to watch it from the Russian Corner in Errol!  


With best wishes from St Petersburg


Anna Belorusova


Commander Peter Kolesnkov's granddaughter


See additional photos here

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