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The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details


SAC Hangarage and Membership Update

SAC Hangarage and Membership Update

Date:         28 October 2013

To:         All SAC Members  

Dear SAC members,

As you may have noticed there have been ongoing changes taking place within the hanger over the last several months in an effort to make improvements in a number of areas:

1.    To minimise the number of aircraft members have to move to get their own out.
2.    To ensure best possible utilisation of space through careful planning.
3.    To reduce hangar rash incidents as a result of the above.

I’m pleased to report that due to the efforts of John and Derek over the last several months we have now made significant improvements in all of the above areas with zero reported incidences of hangar rash so far this year. I hope you will also agree that the hangar has become far more organised and user friendly as a result of the changes now in place.

In addition to the space we currently occupy, we are also awaiting the central section of the hangar behind the containers to open up. This will allow us to empty our waiting list and be able to offer additional space for new owners to join our ranks.

Unfortunately however the news on the hangar front is not all good and as part of the committees recent review of on-going finances we have had to take the difficult decision to apply a small increase to the hangarage rates from the beginning of 2014. We realise that any sort of increase in costs to our members is unwelcome in these tough economic times however the SAC has itself faced a number of increased costs including a significant increase in the Operations charge (landing fee card) paid to ACS of approx. 20% in 2013.

As of the 1st of Jan 2014, our standard hangarage charge will therefore increase by 5% across the board and we will also be increasing our membership rates by approximately 5% to the following annual rates:

Pilot Member               £190

Student Member           £105

Associate Member        £80

Youth Member             £25  no change

Affiliate Member          £25  no change

The hangarage rate increase, when taken in context with minimal increases over the last 8 years, has resulted in an average annual rise of just over 1.5%, which means that our members have done better than inflation over the period.  As for membership costs, this is in fact the first increase in general membership dues in 5 years, and it should be noted that student pilot rates were lowered (from £180 to £100) a couple of years back.  We will not increase the very economical £25 membership rates for Youth and Affiliates. 

Though we are having to apply these small increases from the start of next year we do however believe that we are now offering a far better quality of hangarage in return than we have done previously. With regards the membership fees, we are also in the process of negotiating a number of additional membership benefits which we hope to announce before the end of the year and expect will more than outweigh the increase in costs.

So now the bad news is out of the way we look forward to shortly begin announcing a number of exciting events for next year, one of which is an exciting first for Perth Aerodrome!


Scottish Aero Club

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