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Scottish Aero Club Sponsors FlyRTW80

Scottish Aero Club Sponsors FlyRTW80


Scottish Aero Club Sponsors FlyRTW80

About thirty SAC members gathered recently to hear a fascinating account of the evolution and planning of Project FlyRTW80 – a single-engine circumnavigation of the earth in support of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance. 

At the SAC Annual General Meeting in May, members voted unanimously to support this major undertaking by Dave McElroy, Club Chairman, and his partner Chris Elgar of Burlington, Ontario. Chris is the owner of C-FYHU, the Piper Comanche which will be flown on this ambitious undertaking. 

Gavin Davey reported on the successful start-up of the life-saving Charity.    

Gavin Davey, SCAA’s Chief Executive, updated the group on the Charity’s highly successful first 5 1/2 months of service.  Since it began flying from Perth Airport in May, Helimed 76 has saved at least 7 lives, flown over 14,000 miles and completed 160 missions.  

The organisation requires at least £1.5 million annually to provide emergency air ambulance service across Scotland, and operates 7 days/week, 365 days/year during daylight hours.  All funds come from private sources.  Gavin stressed the significance of FlyRTW80, and commented that it is expected to deliver substantial monetary support, as well as much favorable publicity for SCAA. 
McElroy called for active support from Club members, asking people to consider pitching in on any and all of the following activities:   

  • Come along as Co-Pilot.  It was announced on the evening that the right seat of the Comanche is now being made available to others for certain legs of the RTW trip.  This will be of interest to adventurers willing to make a significant donation to SCAA in return for active participation in the global flight. More details at www.FlyRTW80.com and please speak directly to Dave.  
  • Donate to FlyRTW80 on www.FlyRTW80.com. GiftAid applies, so your donation will be increased by 25% by HMRC.   
  • Spread the word and ask your friends to donate.
  • Follow us on Facebook and LIKE OUR PAGES: FlyRTW80
  • Follow us on Twitter and RETWEET OUR TWEETS:  @FlyRTW80 
  • Keep watch on our website,  www.flyRTW80.com, where live GPS flight following will commence on May 1, 2014. 
  • Promote within your own companies & neighborhoods.
  • Promote to schools, etc – get more people involved & following.
  • Help us find/secure significant corporate sponsors.
  • Organise send-off party about May 8.
  • Organise launch activities May 10.  
  • Organise landing party July 29. 

Dave McElroy presented details about the route which is equivalent to 1.5 circumnavigations. 

McElroy pointed out that the total cost of the expedition is in place, so every pound and penny donated here in the UK goes directly to SCAA.  Canadian donations are for the benefit of a parallel charity, SickKids Foundation of Toronto.    

Judging from the active discussion during and after the session, McElroy is hopeful that SAC members will pitch in and offer support in many of the above-mentioned areas.  In exchange for those efforts, the SAC emblem will be on prominent display on the aircraft, alongside the logos of the project’s growing list of corporate sponsors.  In addition all persons who raise £1000 or more will also have their names imprinted onto the aircraft in bold lettering.  The flight will received substantial press and other media attention over the next 9 months.

Gavin and Dave responded to lots of questions and suggestions during and after the formal presentations.  Some of these came from surprising quarters, including Johnny Cash as pictured above.  Elvis, however, was nowhere to be seen.       
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