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The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details




‘PERTH  AERODROME’  :   VINTAGE / CLASSIC  FLY-IN ,  September  26-27  2015

In honour of  John  Moffat  - undoubtedly our most illustrious and also most senior member -   Scottish  Aero  Club   is planning a  Vintage / Classic  themed weekend  at what was many moons ago  known as  Perth  (Scone)  Aerodrome .    First opened in  1936 for the contract  training of military pilots by  Airwork Services,    Perth  Airport (EGPT)  is now the bustling hub of  general  aviation in central  Scotland.

Many will be aware that  John is a most authentic  war hero ,  having been pilot of the  Fairey  Swordfish  biplane  whose  torpedo is  generally accepted to have damaged the  Bismarck’s rudder – sealing its final fate at hands of  Royal Navy warships  a short while afterwards.  The heroic action by all the crews involved – running in against a hail of massive firepower in these  ‘Stringbag’  aircraft then already seen as long obsolescent  - ranks amongst the highest acts of bravery during the entire WW2 conflict. 


We are most privileged that John remains amongst us and the late September event has been prompted by his expressed  wishes  to celebrate his  75+ years  in aviation – he was still flying his Piper Colt out of Perth just a few years ago and still enjoys a  wee dram or three whenever he can get out to club events.     He has previously claimed that losing a pot on the  Colt’s elderly  Lycoming was a far more scary episode than facing the  Bismarck’s  intensive  anti-aircraft barrage... what can we possibly say ?!


Fly-In  Arrangements

We are still not sure whether the  Royal Navy’s Historic Flight will be able to field their  ‘Stringbag’ to honour one of their most famous  Sons,  but  SAC  decided that a  Vintage / Classic – themed Fly-In over the weekend of  September  26-27  would be a highly appropriate associated  event.    Any  flying  visitors that weekend will be most welcome as usual,  but particularly any  ‘Old-Timer’  machines which we have defined – for sake of argument (!) -  as individual aircraft of any type which were either manufactured or first registered more than  50 years ago.   Marshallers  will attempt to reserve the central grass areas in front of  Scottish Aero Club’s hangar as a parking/ display area for assorted  Classics.   Members of the public will not have airside access other than on an escorted basis ,  and airfield operator requires  hi-vis apparel  to be worn by all  pilots / escorting  passengers whilst airside – thanks.


The Airport Operators  (ACS Aviation)  have kindly offered an   ‘Old-Timer’  dispensation waiving the usual  £15 landing fee  if uplifting  40 litres Avgas,  and paying for  2 landings will allow visitors unlimited movements over the weekend.  


All visiting pilots should follow usual published procedures for  Perth Airport,  including  PPR  to  ATC   (01738 -551631) as advised in Pooley’s  guide.    Visitors are advised that overnight hangarage is not generally available  but  emergency  wheel-in efforts might  be made  on best-endeavours basis for  just a few  exceptionally delicate aircraft if necessary.     Please do bring your own tie-down equipment !     We have a resident club photographer in the shape of  Wallace Shackleton,  who will doubtless put together a superb pictorial record of the event .


At time of writing the  airfield’s  ‘Skylodge’  had good availability of both Double and Single rooms – call them on  01738 – 555700 to reserve.    Other accommodation will undoubtedly be available  within  or close to the City of  Perth  a short taxi ride away.    Scottish Aero Club will be organising one of its famous  BBQs  during late  Saturday  afternoon and we fully expect that the event will transform into lively evening celebrations in the Club Rooms  - for which we very much hope that  John Moffat  will be in attendance.    Some provision may be made  for  basic Sunday snacks as required – no details as yet. 


We look forward to seeing as many  Visitors and  SAC Members  as can make it over that weekend  - our last significant flying and social event before the days get far too short .... please don’t hibernate just yet !     For general information please contact   David Palmer  on  01771 – 622423  / mobile 07717 – 226702 .

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