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Learn to fly with the Scottish Aero Cub training partners Alba Air Sports and Gyrocopter Experience.


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Club Reminders

The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details


Booking out / PPR

1.  Booking out.


It is necessary that all flights book out.  This topic has been again raised by the CAA as an airport requirement.  All members are encouraged to respect this request, which is made for several reasons: (1) as a legal requirement; (2) for safety reasons (ie.creation of an informal flight plan); and (3) as a matter of good airmanship.  


There are several ways for SAC members to book out:

  • The most preferred method of doing so in online through www.perthairport.co.uk.  This site can be accessed from the Club's briefing room computer, from home, or from anywhere else with internet access, including mobile devices which most of us have these days. 
  • During operating hours, booking out can still be done with the Tower through Perth Radio on 119.8    


2.  Out of Hours Operation

  • A reminder that OOH approval is required for any aircraft operating outside normal operating hours. 
  • This is free for SAC Pilot members, but it is a requirement that each aircraft sign up for an OOH permit each year in order to protect insurance requirements of both the airport and the pilot/aircraft operator.
  • Booking out must be done as above in order to protect traceability in the event of a missing/overdue aircraft. 


3.  PPR

  • A reminder that PPR must be provided.  Again, this is most usefully done using www.perthairport.co.uk.  Or it can be done by phone.


4.  Aircraft Liability Insurance

  • A reminder that all aircraft operating from the SAC hangar, and from Perth Airport, must carry appropriate, current liability insurance. 
  • Failure to maintain current insurance is a violation of any aircaft's contract for hangarage with the SAC, so please ensure that this is observed in order to protect both yourselves and your fellow members in the hangar.   


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