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Items for sale

To add an advert, please follow the link at the bottom of the page. All transactions are directly with the seller – not the SAC.  Caveat Emptor!

Other Airfield Fly-In’s

Perth Back to Fly-in
May 29 all-day

The LAA tour has been postponed until 2022. The club hopes to hold some form of fly-in / BBQ / social on the 29th May.

Shares Offered

Super Cub Group

This is from Trystan Holtbrook:
‘As Mark Farquhar is leaving the group, we have space for a pilot.
We’d like an experienced flyer with a sense of mechanical sympathy who would be using the aircraft occasionally – rather than a hour builder. Taildragger experience good but not essential as we have a great instructor on hand.’

As this is a private matter unconnected with the SAC, any member interested should email Trystan on

New EuroFOX 912 ULS shares offered

Shares available:
New EuroFOX 912 ULS kit to be assembled at Strathallan School, Forgandenny, Perth. There is an opportunity to be involved from the outset in this Build-a-Plane project. Shares are available for £7500.
Contact: m: 07825 698613

Service and Interest

Services and Maintenance

BMAA Inspector Alan Gilruth – BMAA Permits and aircraft maintenance.

Gyro-copter Maintenance – Kevin Whitehead @ Alba Airsports

Club Equipment

The SAC have both Flexwing and Fixed wing Aircraft available for self hire. Contact Kevin Whitehead or Elaine at the SAC Office



Notams - from Wallace Shackleton

No one wants to be caught out by flying somewhere where one shouldn’t be, that’s why we check the NOTAMs before we fly….we do, don’t we?

While doing some studying for the ROCC exam, I came across an interesting snippet, which to be fair my instructor did tell me but it is nice to find it out for myself.
When you log onto the NATS web site, that log in is registered, so in the event of the poo hitting the propeller, so when grown-ups who ask the serious questions ask “Did you check the NOTAMs?”
You say “yes” but they say “no you didn’t log onto the official site that day.”

To quote from the NATS NOTAM, General page…

“Why do I have to register?

…in the unlikely event of an incident, registration helps to prove to investigators that flight planning activity has taken place….”

Although graphically easier to understand third party web sites are not the official ones and to be honest, would you really trust your life/license to a third party website?

The trouble is with the NATS web site is you get too much irrelevant information, so here’s a good tip for sorting out the wheat from the chaff. You can tailor the aerodromes to suit yourself.

Log onto the NATS web site

Select NOTAM from the top navigation bar, then either Existing Users or Login now

After logging in.

Look on the left hand margin for “Point Brief (UK FIR/UIR Only)”

Select this and enter EGPT in the origin box and set the radius box (for example) to 50 miles

Make sure that IFR/VFR is checked in the Flight Rules box

then enter EGPT EGPN EGPJ and EGQL (Perth, Dundee, Fife and Leuchars) into the Aerodromes box and then select submit

Now Back to the left hand margin and select Briefing Handbook (Saved Briefings) and then select the most recent briefing, so starting out you will only have one. It should have a P for Point Briefing in the type box then select Use and then Submit and all the NOTAMs within the radius selected will be shown, effectively sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

News Items

Perthshire Air Cadets gain Flying Scholarships

3 Perthshire Air Cadets have gained flying scholarships through “Take-Off”, a Scottish registered charitable trust, based at Perth Airport. This initiative was established to fund the cost of training young people in the 16-18 year old age bracket to reach “first solo” standard in state-of-the-art fixed wing microlight aircraft.

Scott Connolly from Crieff, Connor Russell from Perth, and Brodie Spalding from Greenloaning (all members of local RAF cadet squadrons) each flew 10 hours in the Scottish Areoclub’s Eurostar aircraft at Perth, with instructors from Alba Airsports during the summer holidays

Forfar and Kirrimuir

Visits to these fields have been banned by the owners for the immediate future, due to complaints from neighbours relating to noise. Negotiations are currently in hand to resolve this issue, but in the meantime please avoid these locations.

Perth SOP

ACS have updated the airport Standard Operating Procedure. This is therefore a good time to remind yourself of it’s content as it does get reviewed occasionally. An updated copy is in the download section of the SAC website.


Just a reminder that Safetycom frequency is now 135.480 kHz

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COVID Update

The club is returning to normal operations with social distancing in place. Certain areas of the club have limits on numbers present, please observe these. Visitors with business with the club or Alba are welcome provided they observe the guidance. The wearing of a face covering is requested when moving around inside the club.

We ask that you look after yourselves and others by keeping to the guidelines, and keeping your distance from one another. Thank you for your patience and understanding.