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Aircraft Hire

Hire an aircraft from us

The Scottish Aero Club owns two Eurostar EV97 3-Axis microlight aircraft plus a Quick Flex Wing Weight shift microlight.
All are available for hire at competitive rates to suitably qualified club members.
For more information on hire contact us on 01738 550055.
Our training provider, Alba Airsports, can also assist with conversions or check flights as required.
Please contact The Club for costings and availability. Our aircraft self-hire agreement can be found HERE


Eurostar EV97 3-Axis Microlight class with traditional instrument panel, two-seats, Rotax engine and bubble canopy.


Our second Eurostar EV97 – one of the most popular GA aircraft worldwide. 


Flex-Wing P&M GT450, two-seats and open cockpit to maximise the views!
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