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We have 4 levels of membership

Pilot Member 

Any person wishing to operate or hire an aircraft (flex-wing and three-axis microlight, fixed-wing, helicopter, gyrocopter, motor glider, glider, or balloon) out of Perth (Scone) Airport, on a permanent or regular basis, must be a full member of the Scottish Aero Club (SAC). Full membership will entitle a person to the complete range of services, facilities and concessions available at the SAC. These include:

  • The operation or hiring of an aircraft from Perth.
  • Hangarage for members’ aircraft in the Club’s hangar (subject to an additional fee, which also includes landings at Perth).
  • 20% Discount on landings by 5th landing free (Administered by ACS)
  • Free out-of-hours facility (on the production of valid insurance to the Airport operator).
  • Access to and use of the Club’s premises (including the right to invite guests).
  • Use of the Club’s internet and briefing facilities.
  • Attendance at Club functions (including talks, fly-ins and fly-outs).
  • Receipt of the Club’s newsletters.
  • The benefits of Club-negotiated discounts – i.e. discounts of 5% on products purchased from Pooleys; 5% on Haywards insurance (under negotiation); 10% on accommodation at the Skylodge Hotel, and others as negotiated by the General Committee.

Student Member

Applies to those undergoing their first year of flight training with any of the SAC-associated flight training schools, i.e. training in GA, 3-axis aircraft; microlights; and gyrocopters. The benefits are the same as those shown above for a full pilot member.

Associate Member

Open to pilots not based at Perth and persons who do not fly from Perth as a pilot. (e.g. regular passengers, Skywatch observers and aircraft enthusiasts).  Associate members will enjoy all of the services, facilities and concessions provided by the club, except those associated with the operation of an aircraft, they will join our mailing list, receive our newsletters and benefit from Club discounts such as those with Skylodge, Pooley’s, Hayward Insurance and a growing list of others.

Junior Member

Aimed at encouraging the next generation of SAC members and pilots. Junior members will enjoy the same services, facilities and concessions as Associate members, except that they will not be allowed ‘airside’ or in the hangar unless accompanied by an adult SAC member. They will be able to attend Club functions, feel a sense of belonging with the aviation community, receive mentoring and have the opportunity to fly with Club members and perhaps be trained as Skywatch observers (these latter two privileges subject to the approval of a parent or guardian).

This category of membership will be open to 14-18 year-olds. However, young persons who are pilots, or who are beginning flying training, will be required to be full members.  For details of the Club’s policy on junior members, please see our Young Person’s Statement HERE.

Corporate Member

Available at the discretion of the committee for businesses with multiple pilots. This is a direct alternative to multiple pilot memberships and is suited to businesses with more than three pilots. Full personal details of all pilots must be given. Further pilots may be added throughout the year as required. Contact the Secretary or Chairman for more details.



Pilot Member


Student Member


Associate Member


Junior Member



All Membership applications are subject to approval

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