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30th November 2023

Award for Scottish Charity Air Ambulance Pilot Captain, Russell Myles!

We are delighted to announce that SAC club and committee member, Russell Myles has been awarded ‘Pilot of the Year’ at the Air Ambulance UK Awards of Excellence! 

Russell, SCAA Pilot Captain, was given this prestigious award at a ceremony held in Reading last evening.  The quotation from the Awards Committee reads:

“Russ played a pivotal role in establishing Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, leveraging his extensive flying experience to create an operation tailored for Scotland’s unique environment. Over a decade, Russ’s exceptional flying skills have impacted countless lives, navigating through Scotland’s challenging weather conditions and terrain.

His expertise and dedication have served as a lifeline for numerous families, earning admiration from fellow pilots for his mentorship, patience, and outstanding skill in handling aircraft in Scotland’s demanding weather conditions.”

Congratulations Russell!  

To find out more about the invaluable work of the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance, please click HERE.

29th November 2023

Tr1-Kis Aircraft for Sale

Please go to our Aviation Sales Purchases Syndicates page HERE for further details.

28th November 2023

Aviation in Perthshire - People, Places and Planes by Ken Bruce
Special Edition Sold in aid of the Take Off Charity

Local author Ken Bruce has produced a special volume of the complete collection of his Perthshire Aviation stories. It covers both First and Second World War aviators with links to the area and its airfields. This amazing compendium, with over 500 pages rich in detail, is full of facts about the history of aviation in Perthshire, and the early history of aviation in Scotland too.

There’s something here for everyone, from history and aviation buffs to those who are interested in the first-hand experiences of those who flew dangerous missions through hostile skies.

This is an easy book to pick up and dip into time and time again, but you may just find it so compelling that you won’t want to put it down!

Buy one for yourself, buy one for those you know who’ll love it, or send the link below to those who don’t know what to get you!

This 500-page large-format book is fantastic value at £27.99, especially since £10 goes directly to Take Off from each purchase. If you’d also like to make a Christmas donation to Take Off then please use the QR Code above – thank you!

Take Off is a charity set up and run by members of the Scottish Aero Club.  It is dedicated to providing flying opportunities for young people in Scotland and to foster self-confidence, self-belief and motivation. 

Take Off is the Scottish Aero Club’s charity of choice.

To find out more, please click HERE.

Click HERE to purchase your copy!

To make a donation to Take-Off please click on the QR code below – thank you!

Thursday 9th November 2023

Surprise Award for SAC!

It was a big surprise when Scottish Aero Club Chair, William Scott, was called up to receive an award for Services to the Local Community on behalf of the Club at the Perth Airport and ACS annual awards event on Friday 3rd November.

Both ACS and the SAC recognise that building and maintaining good relationships within the local community and those we engage with across Scotland is vital for the future of the airfield.

The award was given in recognition of SAC’s contribution to creating good relationships with local schools and scout groups among others. Ladies Day and our annual Aviation Without Borders flights for disadvantaged families were both highlighted.

Our very own Iain Hutchison, there in his capacity as one of Perth City Leadership Forum’s ambassadors, presented William with the award on the night. To learn more about Perth Ambassadors go to

It is great recognition for our Club and the work we carry out with ACS, AST and SCAA to provide a broad experience of the activities at the Airport for community group visits.

Sunday 5th November 2023

SAC Christmas Party 16th December from 7pm

You really don’t want to miss this year’s Christmas Party!
Fun and laughs all in the Christmas Spirit.
Tickets on sale NOW.  Click on the button below to purchase yours!  

Monday 16th October 2023

1/3rd Share for Sale in Perth-Based MT03 Gyrocopter

Please go to our Aviation Sales Purchases Syndicates page HERE for further information.

Tuesday 10th October 2023

Grumman AA5 Tiger - Looking for Co-Owner

Please go to our Aviation Sales Purchases Syndicates page HERE for further information.

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