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Begin your flying journey with us

The Scottish Aero Club’s long tradition of training pilots continues today.

Learn to fly in one of the Club’s fantastic aircraft detailed below with our training provider,  Alba Airsports who are based within the

 Scottish Aero Club.  For more information about Alba Airsports, visit their website HERE

EV97 - Eurostar

The Eurostar is a two-seat 3-axis microlight aircraft.  Fitted with a Rotax engine and a bubble canopy which makes it a perfect training aircraft, the Eurostar is one of the most popular light aircraft flying today.  

EV 97 - Eurostar

So good, SAC own two!  Both available for training or hire, contact us for more details.  

Flex-Wing P&M GT450

An ideal aircraft for learning to fly flex-wings in, the GT450 is a great all-rounder aircraft and perfect for making the most of spectacular flying around Scotland.
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