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Flying into Perth

Prior Permission Required (PPR)

All Perth-based aircraft and visiting aircraft wishing to use Perth Airport are requested to complete the PPR application form HERE to ensure you are booked in and we are expecting your arrival.

Out of Hours Indemnity

Click HERE to view Perth Airport’s information on Out of Hours use of the airfield.
(Out of Hours is included automatically for resident hangared aircraft)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Click HERE to view Perth Airport SOP

Booking Out Procedure

The airfield is licenced as ordinary use and as such all flights have to be specifically authorised by the licence holder. To allow this all flights must be booked out prior to departure, as stipulated by the licence holder. All visitors and SAC members are required to respect this procedure.

During operational hours, when the radio room is manned, booking out can be done via the Tower through Perth Radio on 121.080.

Those with Out of Hours Indemnity using the airfield out with these times must book out online through The site can be accessed using any device or from the Club’s briefing room computer.

Additional Airfield Information

Check with the A.I.S. website for current copies of the following:-
A.I.S. Textual data AD 2-EGPT-1
A.I.S. Airport Diagram AD 2-EGPT-2-1
(if links are broken then look for aerodrome index specific on the A.I.S. website)
NOTE : Noise sensitive area, White house near the end of 21, please avoid overflying.


PPR available from Radio Room: 01738 551631
Radio Frequency: 121.080
Temporary and overnight hangarage – Scottish Aero Club 01738 550055
Fuel JET A1 & AVGAS 100LL Available.


UK Met Office TAFs for North England, Scotland and Ireland (requires registration).

METARS in Plain English web site recommended using the following nearest airports. (With thanks to

  • Dundee Airport – EGPN (13 miles East)
  • Leuchars (MIL) – EGQL (20 miles ESE)
  • Edinburgh – EGPH (34 miles S)


Official: AIS / NATS website (registration required)

  • FIR = EGPX
  • Perth Airport = EGPT, Dundee = EGPN, Leuchars = EGQL, Edinburgh = EGPH

Disclaimer :- The individual Pilot is responsible for the accuracy of pre-flight information and safety of the flight. The information contained on this section is for guidance only.

Fuel at Perth Airport

For information on pricing and fuel at Perth Airport, please go to their website HERE.

Free Landings at Sherburn-in-Elmet

ACS have set up an agreement that allows all pilots based at Perth to visit Sherburn-in-Elmet Airfield and receive a free landing fee.  Visiting pilots need to PPR, then report to the flight desk on landing and advise that they are based at Perth Airport. The landing fee will then be waived. Our thanks to ACS for this.

New contact details for Plockton PPR

The details for Plockton listed on SkyDemon don’t work (they’re being notified). The best number for Plockton is 01667 305 979.

The current fuel status at the airfield is self-service. Jet-A1 fuel and can be obtained with the monthly fuel codes which can be found by calling the above number.

For any future requests for PPR, please send an email to

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