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Take-Off - Our Charity of Choice

'Take-Off' - Fasten Your Seatbelts!

The Scottish Aero Club is proud to support ‘Take-Off‘, a charity set up to provide flying opportunities for young people in Scotland and to foster self-confidence, self-belief and motivation.

The charity also aims to raise awareness of opportunities in aviation with the goal of helping young people to see and realise their potential, which will have benefits in all areas of life as well as for the wider community.

Take-Off is a charity registered with OSCR (registration number SCO43716) and works in partnership with local education bodies and flight training providers to help meet its goals. The trustees have varied backgrounds in aviation and education. In addition to their expertise, they bring their passion for flying and a desire to help others to achieve the trust’s objectives.

The charity is run by members of the Scottish Aero Club, Howard Duthie, Russell Myles, Drew Turnbull and Jim Lachendro.

For further details about the charity, you can visit their website HERE.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, please scan the QR code below and follow the instructions. Alternatively, there are two red collections tins in the clubhouse – thank you on behalf of Take-Off.

Donate via QR code - please note, you can scroll down on the SumUp page to donate as a guest - you do not have to download the App. Thank you.

Take-Off is a charity registered with OSCR Registered Charity Number SCO43716.

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