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Approach & Land at Bute with Bob Tadman

Fly into Bute with Bob and Suzi in Bob’s Eurofox 2K.  
26th February 2023 was a stunning winter’s day, as seen from this fantastic footage! The Isle of Arran is just visible at the start of the clip from the downwind leg and in the turn onto base leg for runway 09.
A few minutes walk to the west takes you over the golf course to the west beach overlooking Arran. The path in the opposite direction takes you to Kilchattan Bay. Alternatively, walking up the runway and turning left takes you to the Kingarth Hotel where you’ll find a warm welcome.  

See Dornoch with Rorie Thomson

Stunning footage taken by Rorie from his Grumman AA5 Tiger.
On 28th January 2023, Rorie routed Dornoch, Insch, overhead ABZ (Aberdeen Airport to the non-fliers!), then down the east coast via Dundee to Perth.  Unfortunately, the video ends at Montrose when the battery on his GoPro died.
Dornoch is a stunning destination for fliers from Perth so it’s worth noting that all SAC members have a free landing card there!

More flying with Rorie - this time from Oban back to Perth

Join Rorie again on his return to base following his flight to Oban on 11 December 2022: they flew directly from Oban to Perth and landed on a snow-covered runway 27. 
Again flying in his Grumman AA5 Tiger, Rorie took off 10 minutes before sunset and experienced the joy of the last rays of winter sun over the snowy hills and mountains, landing 2 minutes after the official night time utilising his night rating.  Simply stunning!

Join Russell Myles for a trip of a lifetime in his WWII Piper Cub L4!

Don’t miss this opportunity for a virtual flight in this legendary aircraft!
The Piper Cub is the military L4 version of the famous yellow J3 Cub.  This aircraft was built in 1943 and saw action with the US Army’s 79th Infantry Division which landed on Utah Beach around five days after D-Day.  Its main role at that time was aerial observation and spotting for the Division’s artillery.  
After the War, surplus aircraft were sold off.  This one ended up in Switzerland as HB-OBP before coming to the UK in 2013 for a complete rebuild and overhaul.
The front-seat passenger in the video is filmmaker Scott Robertson an ATPL student who also runs a YouTube channel.

Montrose Air Station Heritage Day

In 2022, Montrose Air Station held a Heritage Day. 

Join club member Norman Sutherland on his tour around the airfield meeting club members with their aircraft, chatting to folk about the event and visiting the WWII exhibits on display.

Land at Glenforsa with Ian Corse

Sit in with Ian Corse as he lands his RV at Glenforsa on the beautiful Island of Mull.
This is a short film with no sound.

Land at Fishburn with Ian Corse

This is what it’s like to land at Fishburn with Ian in his RV.  

Another short video with no sound. 
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